New Sawyer gets go-ahead

Last month the new President of Williams College, Adam Falk, announced to the college community that construction of the new Sawyer Library, on hold for two years because of the economic climate, will begin in April 2011, for completion in 2014.  Head Librarian David Pilachowski celebrated the resumption of the project, and the Williams Record reported the story.  I hope to follow up with interviews with both officials, but in the meantime, here’s an answer to any who might ask “Why a new library when books are on their way out?”:

“Our humble and astonishing inheritance is the world and only the world, whose existence we constantly test (and prove) by telling ourselves stories about it.  The suspicion that we and the world are made in the image of something wonderfully and chaotically coherent far beyond our grasp, of which we are also part; the hope that our exploded cosmos and we, its stardust, have an ineffable meaning and method; the delight in retelling the old metaphor of the world as a book we read and in which we too are read; the conceit that what we can know of reality is an imagination made of language – all this finds its material manifestation in that self-portrait we call a library.  And our love for it, and our lust to see more of it, and our pride in its accomplishments as we wander through shelves full of books that promise more and more delights, are among our happiest, most moving proofs of possessing, in spite of all the miseries and sorrows of this life, a more intimate, consolatory, perhaps redeeming faith in a method behind the madness than any jealous deity could wish upon us.” — Alberto Manguel, The Library at Night