History up to date

I’ve brought my history of libraries at Williams College up to date with the “Pages” labeled “Past/Present/Future.”


Students of my era who took Professor Binx Little’s life-changing course on “Religion & Modern Secularism” may recall two of his favorite Germanic neologisms:  “the past-breaking-into-the-present-becoming-future” and “the future-breaking-into-the-present-becoming-past.”  Somehow those two terms together seem to signify the rebirth of the Stetson and Sawyer libraries in a grand new synthesis.


For an illustrated tour of the completed project, the back-to-the-future library of Williams College, please click on the “Past/Present/Future” link at top of page or in column to the right.  Also, please note that I have activated the Comments feature of this website, and welcome feedback either here, or sent to me directly at:  ssatullo@clarkart.edu