About this site

This Web site tracks the Stetson-Sawyer project to build a new center for the humanities and social sciences on the Williams College campus, from both an historical and a breaking-news perspective.  
Written by Steve Satullo, Williams Class of 1969 (or thereabouts), the site compiles various online resources and independent research to trace the history of libraries at the College, in an ongoing narrative from the earliest manifestations to the newest incarnation now taking shape, from planning to building to opening in 2011. 
“Eph’s Libraries” represents the convergence of two of the writer’s interests, architecture and libraries, and the emergence of a third, the history of Williams College.  Who knew how much could be read into and out of the two-centuries-and-counting history of a small rural college in a remote corner of Massachusettts?  And how much it could tell about the future of colleges and libraries in general? 
I’m finding out, and I hope you will check back to keep up with my latest findings. 
Comments are not enabled on this site, but I welcome reactions, questions, and additional observations by e-mail to: ssatullo@clarkart.edu